Jun 18, 2024

Introducing t0ggles: A New Era in Project and Task Management

We are thrilled to announce the public launch of t0ggles, a revolutionary project and task management tool designed to make managing multiple projects on a single board not just possible, but effortless and efficient.

#Why t0ggles? The Genesis of an Idea

The journey of t0ggles began with a simple, yet pervasive challenge: existing project and task management tools were often siloed, limiting users to managing one project per board. This fragmented approach didn't reflect the dynamic and interconnected nature of today's work environments. Hence, t0ggles was born — a tool where flexibility meets functionality, allowing you to manage multiple projects across a single, intuitive dashboard.

#A Year in the Making

Developing t0ggles was no small feat. With over a year in development and nearly 200,000 lines of code written from scratch, our team dedicated themselves to crafting a tool that is robust yet user-friendly. Our goal was clear: to build a platform that could handle the complexity of multiple projects with the simplicity users crave.

#Private Early Access Results

For the past five months, we've been in private early access, fine-tuning t0ggles with the help of our incredible early adopters. Here's a snapshot of what we've achieved together:

  • 12,000+ tasks created by hundreds of enthusiastic early access users.
  • 632 code commits bringing new features and essential fixes.
  • The response was overwhelmingly positive, with users praising t0ggles for its:
    • Unique and Intuitive UI/UX: Users loved the modern interface that made navigating complex projects simple.
    • Speed and Efficiency: The platform's performance was highlighted as a game-changer for productivity.
    • Optimal Functionality: With just the right amount of features, everything users needed was right where they needed it.
  • Numerous teams transitioned from tools like Jira, drawn by t0ggles' streamlined approach.

#Features Added During Early Access

Our early access phase allowed us to introduce and refine a suite of powerful features:

  • Public Boards: Share your progress and collaborate openly.
  • Tasks List View: Customize your task views for better organization.
  • Archive View: Keep track of completed tasks without cluttering your workspace.
  • Notes Section: Keep all your important notes in one place.
  • AI Tasks: Create tasks effortlessly using natural language.
  • Subtasks Support: Break down tasks into manageable pieces.
  • Fuzzy Search: Find what you need quickly, even with partial information.
  • GitHub Integration: Seamlessly connect your development workflow.
  • Comments Functionality: Collaborate and communicate effectively within tasks and notes.
  • Team Members Profiles: Know who's who in your team.

#Coming Up Next

We're just getting started! Here's a sneak peek at what's coming up next for t0ggles:

  • More Integrations: GitLab, Figma, Google Drive, Google Docs, BitBucket
  • User API: Extend and customize t0ggles to fit your unique needs.
  • Tasks Export/Import: Easily move your data in and out of t0ggles.
  • More Board Templates: Get started faster with a variety of templates.
  • AI Features in Text Editor: Enhance your writing with AI-powered suggestions.
  • Analytics (Charts and Diagrams): Visualize your progress and performance.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Get the most out of t0ggles with detailed guides and resources.
  • Continuous Improvement: We're committed to evolving and enhancing t0ggles based on your feedback and needs.

#Join Us on This Journey

t0ggles is more than just a tool — it's a new way of looking at project management. As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment remains the same: to deliver a product that not only meets your needs but revolutionizes the way you work.

We're just getting started, and we'd love for you to join us on this exciting journey. Try t0ggles today and experience the future of project management!