Release Notes

Jul 9, 2024

Import Tasks

We are thrilled to announce a major new feature in t0ggles: Task Importing! This powerful update allows you to import tasks directly into your project boards from CSV, JSON, or XML files (including XML files exported from Jira).

#How It Works

To import tasks, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Project: Navigate to your project and choose the "Import Tasks" action from the project actions menu.
  2. Upload Your File: You can upload a CSV, JSON, or XML file.
  3. Map Task Properties: After uploading, you will be prompted to map the fields from your file to the corresponding task properties on your t0ggles board. This ensures that all your task data is accurately aligned with t0ggles' structure.

#Why This Feature is Great

This new feature significantly enhances the flexibility and convenience of using t0ggles. Whether you're migrating from other project management tools or simply need to import a large number of tasks quickly, the task import feature saves you time and effort. By supporting multiple file formats, including CSV, JSON, and XML (especially from Jira), we make it easy to bring your existing project data into t0ggles seamlessly.

The task import feature is designed to facilitate smooth transitions and ensure that all your valuable data is accurately transferred. No more manual entry of individual tasks—just a few clicks, and your board is ready to go with all the tasks you need.

We are committed to continuously improving t0ggles to better meet your project management needs. We believe this new import functionality will greatly enhance your experience and productivity.

Happy toggling!

Jul 3, 2024

Subtasks List View & Task Start Date

We're excited to bring you new updates to t0ggles, enhancing your task management experience. Here's what's new:

#Subtasks List View

You can now display subtasks as a list view in the task details view, providing a more streamlined and organized way to manage your subtasks. Switch between card view and list view to suit your preference.

#Start Date Property

We've added a new native property: Start Date. This property can be enabled in board settings, allowing you to specify the start date for each task. Keep track of when tasks begin, alongside your existing deadline (end date) management.

Jun 27, 2024

Export Tasks and Notes

You can now export any task or note as a file in one of the following formats:

  • PDF
  • Markdown
  • HTML
  • Plain Text

This new feature allows you to easily share your tasks and notes with others, or keep a backup for your records. Whether you need a polished PDF, a markdown file for collaboration, HTML for web use, or simple plain text, t0ggles has you covered.

To export a task or note, simply select the item you want to export and choose your preferred format.

We hope this new feature enhances your productivity and makes it easier to manage your projects. As always, we appreciate your feedback and support!

Happy toggling!

Jun 21, 2024

Project Archiving

This update brings several new features and improvements to enhance your experience:

  • Project Archiving: Projects now go to the archive instead of being fully deleted. Archived projects will be removed after 60 days, giving you a chance to recover any accidentally archived projects.
  • Files From Clipboard: Paste files and images directly into the editor from your clipboard
  • Files Drag & Drop Support: Add files and images to the editor using drag & drop from your desktop.
Jun 20, 2024

Filter Presets

We are excited to introduce a powerful new feature to t0ggles: Filter Presets!

Filter Presets allow you to save specific filter settings for quick access and easy switching between different configurations. Here's how it works:

  • Set Up Your Filters: Adjust the filters to your preferred settings in the Filter Tasks menu.
  • Save the Preset: Click the "+ Save Filter" button, enter a name for your filter preset, and hit "Save".
  • Quickly Switch Between Presets: Easily select and switch between your saved filter presets whenever needed.

With Filter Presets, you can streamline your workflow and ensure you always have the right tasks in view. No more setting filters manually each time — just save, select, and go!

Enjoy the enhanced productivity with t0ggles!

Jun 18, 2024

Public Release

We are thrilled to announce the official public release of t0ggles 🥳! After over a year of dedicated development and months of private beta testing, t0ggles is now live and available for everyone. Here's what's included in our first public release:

  • Multi-Project Management: Manage multiple projects on a single board, with each column representing a different project. Tasks are color-coded by status for easy tracking.
  • Advanced Task Customization: Customize task cards with different layout options, status indicators, and more.
  • GitHub Integration: Seamlessly link GitHub issues and pull requests to t0ggles tasks. Use commands like t0ggles-create, t0ggles-link, and t0ggles-fixes for smart automation.
  • Public Boards: Share your project boards with clients and the community to showcase progress and gather feedback.
  • Focus Mode: Concentrate on individual projects by expanding them to a full kanban board view.
  • Notes: Keep all project-related information organized with our rich text editor, perfect for meeting summaries, project ideas, and research notes.
  • AI Task Creation: Leverage AI to create tasks quickly from your descriptions, turning casual chat into structured tasks with due dates, tags, and priorities.
  • Quick Search and Filters: Find tasks and notes instantly using the search bar or refine your task list with powerful filters.
  • Team Management: Invite team members, assign roles, and manage access to boards with ease.
  • And many many more...

#Join Us on This Journey

We are excited to embark on this journey with you. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, part of a dynamic team, or managing large-scale projects, t0ggles is here to make your project management experience smoother, more efficient, and enjoyable.

Thank you for being part of our early access and helping us shape t0ggles into what it is today. We look forward to your continued feedback and support.

Happy toggling!