Tasks Archive

The Tasks Archive is a dedicated space where you can view tasks that are no longer active but still hold valuable historical data. Understanding how to manage these archived tasks can help you maintain a clean and efficient workspace.

#Overview of Tasks Archive

The Tasks Archive resembles the Tasks List View but with a few key differences:

  • Archived Status: All tasks in this view are in the "Archived" status, indicating that they are no longer active.
  • Read-Only Mode: Tasks in the archive are read-only. You can view details but cannot modify the tasks directly within this archive.

#Interacting with Archived Tasks

Even though tasks in the archive are read-only, you still have options to manage these tasks effectively:

  • View Details: Click on any task to expand and view its complete details.
  • Action Options: By clicking the three dots on the right side of each task, you have several actions available:
    • Duplicate: This creates a new task with all the same information as the archived one, which will then appear in your active Tasks View.
    • Unarchive: If you decide a task is still relevant, you can return it to active status.
    • Delete Task: Permanently remove the task from the archive.

#Automatic Removal

Please note that tasks are automatically removed from the archive after 60 days. This helps keep your archive fresh and relevant, preventing it from becoming overloaded with outdated information.