Tasks View: Your Project Management Hub

Welcome to the heart of t0ggles — the Tasks View. This is where your projects come to life, organized efficiently in a board format that makes managing tasks feel like a breeze. Let's dive into how you can make the most out of this view.

#Overview of the Tasks View

The Tasks View serves as your main workspace in t0ggles. Here's what you need to know:

  • Project Columns: Each column in this view represents a different project. This organization helps you keep tasks specific to each project separate and easily accessible.
  • Task Cards: Within each column, tasks are displayed as cards. These cards are color-coded to indicate their status, making it easy to see the progress at a glance.

  • Tabs for Different Views: At the top left of the Tasks View, you'll find tabs that allow you to switch between:

    • Tasks View: The default view showing tasks grouped by project columns.
    • Tasks List View: A detailed list format for those who prefer a linear overview of tasks.
    • Notes View: Access your saved notes relevant to tasks or projects.
    • Tasks Archive: Review completed or archived tasks.
  • Search and Filter: On the top right, utilize the quick search bar and task filters to find tasks efficiently or display only the tasks that meet certain criteria.

#Interacting with Tasks

Here's what you can do in the Tasks View:

  • Add New Tasks: Easily add new tasks by clicking the "+ New task" button in the relevant project column.
  • Edit Tasks: Click on any task card to open and edit its details, such as status, assignment, or descriptions.
  • Remove Tasks: Remove tasks that are no longer needed directly from their task card options.
  • Reorder Tasks: Organize your workflow by dragging and dropping tasks within a column or across different columns to prioritize or reclassify them according to your project's evolving needs.
  • Change Task Status: Update a task's progress by using drag-and-drop to move it to a different status column or by clicking the status buttons on the task card itself. This allows for quick adjustments that reflect real-time changes in task priority or completion.

These features are designed to provide a dynamic and interactive way to manage your tasks, ensuring your project stays up to date with minimal effort.

#Tips for Efficient Task Management

  • Utilize Color Coding: Familiarize yourself with the color codes for different statuses to quickly assess task progress.
  • Customize Views: Toggle between different views depending on your current needs or preferences to maximize productivity.
  • Keep Notes Integrated: Use the Notes View to keep track of additional details or ideas related to your projects.


The Tasks View is likely where you'll spend most of your time within t0ggles. It's designed to provide a comprehensive, at-a-glance understanding of all your projects and their respective tasks, helping you stay organized and productive.