Filter Tasks

Stay organized and find exactly what you need with the Filter Tasks feature in t0ggles.

Here's how to make the most of it.

#Accessing the Filter

To filter your tasks:

  • Locate the Filter Button: On the top right of your workspace, you will see a button with a "Filter" icon.

  • Activate the Filter: Click on this button while in the Tasks View to open the tasks filter panel.

#Using the Filter

  • Task Title: Filter tasks by their title to quickly locate specific tasks.

  • Tags: Use tags to filter tasks by categories such as "Feature," "Bug," etc.

  • Status: Select task statuses like "In Progress," "To-Do," "Backlog," etc., to see tasks at different stages.

  • Priority: Filter tasks based on their priority levels.

  • Deadline: Filter tasks with specific deadlines to manage time-sensitive tasks effectively.

  • Assigned Person: Find tasks assigned to specific team members to check workloads or follow up on assignments.

#Filter Presets

Filter Presets allow you to save specific filter settings for quick access and easy switching between different filter configurations. Here's how to use Filter Presets:

  • Set up your desired filters in the Filter Tasks menu.
  • Click on the "+ Save Filter" button.
  • Enter a name for your filter preset in the prompt that appears.
  • Click "Save" to store the preset.

Now, you can quickly select and switch between your saved filter presets whenever you need them.

By using Filter Presets, you can streamline your workflow and ensure you always have the right tasks in view for your current needs.

#Tips for Effective Filtering

  • Combine Filters: Use multiple filter criteria simultaneously to narrow down your task list to the most relevant items.

  • Save Time: Regularly use filters to manage large task lists and ensure you're always focused on the most critical tasks.