Stay in the loop without getting overwhelmed! Here's how to adjust your notification settings to suit your preferences.

#Access Your Notifications Settings

  • Go to Your Account: Simply head over to your account page where you can manage all your settings. Here's a quick link to get you there:
  • Navigate to "Notifications": Once you're on the account page, scroll to find the "Notifications" section.

#Customize Your Notification Preferences

In the Notifications section, you'll find several options to tailor how you receive updates about your projects and interactions on t0ggles:

  • By Email: Opt in to receive notifications via email whenever someone assigns you a task, mentions you in a comment, or updates a task you are following.

  • Push Notifications: Enable push notifications to get real-time alerts on your device. This way, you'll always be up-to-date with the latest changes and messages.

Customizing your notification settings allows you to control the flow of information, ensuring you're informed but not inundated. Set them according to your work habits and preferences to maximize your productivity and stay connected with your team’s activities.